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Casa Guareña

Casa Guareña

Rural accommodation the province of Burgos in northern Spain

Menchu y Agus

Hello, we are called
Menchu and Agus

We were both born in Madrid. Some years ago, we visited the little-known area in the north of Burgos province called the Merindades and we fell in love with it. So we decided to move here and find a way to share the place with other people, who love exploring nature and enjoying its tranquility like us.

We built the cottage ourselves using ecological materials like wood and straw. Perhaps this is why we think the house is so cosy. We are sure that people who come and stay with us, will enjoy the comfortable rooms as much as the garden and mountain views from the terrace all year round, and the welcoming wood stove in the colder seasons.

Once our house was built, it was time to gradually increase the family and now we have one dog (Lucas), four cats (Michi, Panceta, Comino and Canelita) and two horses (Whiskey and Swing). Our guests can also enjoy their company. 

The cottage

The cottage is ideal for 4 people, a family or friends.
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La Casita

The cottage

The cottage is located in the little village of Villabáscones, in the Merindad of Sotoscueva of Burgos province in northern Spain. 


Living room

In addition to gas central heating, the living room has a cosy wood stove for the colder months of the year.


The kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped with fridge-freezer, dishwasher, a washing machine/dryer, oven, microwave, toaster, electric juicer, mixer, pressure cooker...

2 habitaciones dobles

2 double rooms

One with a queen-size double bed, and the other with two single beds each 90cms wide. The beds all have wooden slat bases, latex mattresses and 100% cotton sheets.

Baños individuales

Individual bathrooms

Each room has its own bathroom equipped with shower, basin and toilet.


Terrace and garden

Equipped with garden furniture to enjoy spectacular views.

Photo Gallery


Casa Guareña is located in the town of Villabáscones, in the Merindad of Sotoscueva, one of the 27 municipalities that make up the Merindades, in Burgos province in northern Spain. From your base, you have many beautiful natural and cultural attractions close by. Here we present a few arranged according to their distance from Casa Guareña:

The Necropolis of San Felices

1,5 km away

The Necrópolis of San Felices

In the surrounding pastures of Villabáscones village there is an oak forest, where you can also find beech trees, holly trees or rowans mixed in. Amid these trees are a grouping anthropomorphic tombs carved out of stone and dating from medieval times.

Ethnographic Museum of Sotoscueva

1,8 km away

Ethnographic Museum of Sotoscueva

You can reach this museum either by road or walking through the pastures, along the same path that leads to the necropolis. The museum offers an insight into the way the people who inhabited the Merindad of Sotoscueva used to live and survive, through their trades and their customs.

Ojo Guareña nature reserve

2,5 km away

Ojo Guareña nature reserve

The second largest set of karstic caves in the Iberian peninsula and one of the ten largest in the world. You can visit the Hermitage of Saint Bernabé Cave and/or reserve a visit to the Palomera Cave.
And more

Salceda waterfall

9 km away

Salceda waterfall

One of the most impressive waterfalls in the Merindades. You can reach it on foot from Casa Guareña, on a beautiful well marked trail through oak, beech and birch forest and mountain views.

Espinosa de los Monteros

10 km away

Espinosa de los Monteros

A historic and traditional small town of the Merindades, whose first settlers date back to Prehistoric times. Its houses with the shields of noble families, defence towers, noble mansions, and arcaded square, are a few of the outstanding architectural attractions.


18 km away


Has an impressive natural rock bridge over the Nela river, called "bridge of God", which gives its name to this beautiful little village.

Santa María de Rioseco Monastery

32 km away

Santa María de Rioseco

The impressive ruins of the old monastery of the Cistercian order that, in spite of its destruction and its secular looting, continues to preserve all its beauty.

Medina de Pomar

32 km away

Medina de Pomar

One of the most inhabited villages of the Merindades, it has a beautiful old town and at least two places that can not be missed: the Alcazar de los Condestables, a beautiful twin towered castle, and the Santa Clara Monastery.

San Pedro de Tejada Hermitage

36 km away

San Pedro de Tejada Hermitage

There is much Romanesque style architecture to see in the Merindades, but perhaps one of its jewels is this hermitage. It is small in size, but big in beauty.

Ebro Canyon

48 km away

Ebro Canyon

From a viewing platform near the village of Pesquera de Ebro you can see the spectacular landscape of the canyon that forms the Ebro River in its route. There are many well marked walking/cycling trails in the area along and above the great river and its canyons.
MoreAnd more

San Pantaleón de Losa Hermitage

53 km away

San Pantaleón de Losa Hermitage

Another jewel of the Romanesque architecture in the Merindades. It has an unmistakable silhouette on the prominent mountain from which you can also admire the views, in addition to this beautiful hermitage, one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Merindades.

Castillo de Frías

63 km away


Possibly the most picturesque village of the Merindades and also nominated as one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Spain. On arrival two things strike you: the magnificent medieval bridge at its entrance and its imposing castle ruins, built on a large boulder, which provides the most popular image of Frias.

Merindades, natural oasis 

The Merindades are located between the Cantabrian Mountains and the Ebro Valley and Plateau, which makes this area a hidden natural oasis. It has 4 nature reserves, along with many other incentives to visit:

Nature Reserves

Nature Reserves

· The Ojo Guareña Nature Reserve
· The Monte Santiago Nature Reserve
· The Hoces del Alto Ebro y Rudrón Nature Reserve
· The Montes Obarenses-San Zadornil Nature Reserve 


Liencres beach


· Within this region you can follow parts of the large walking routes crossing Spain following GR 1, 85, 99, 282, 1006 or 186.  More

· You can also follow local walking routes through wonderful forests, to reach waterfalls such as the Salceda, the Mea or the Pisas, along the course of rivers, such as the Ebro, the Trueba, the Nela or the Cadagua, or simply to enjoy the diverse natural landscapes. 
More - And more

· In addition to hiking, you can also enjoy the water in the natural pools of Espinosa de los Monteros or Villarcayo, in the Ebro reservoir or in one of the many nearby Cantabrian or Basque beaches.

Merindades, cultural treasures

Besides being able to enjoy its diverse nature, the Merindades also contains important cultural treasures.


- Hermitages and Romanesque churches
San Pedro de Tejada, San Pantaleón de Losa, Santa María de Siones, Nuestra Señora de la Antigua, San Salvador, and many others.


Frías bridge

- Bridges, towers and medieval castles
The bridge of Frías or the Towers of Alcázar de los Condestables in Medina de Pomar are just two examples.



- Villages full of history
Espinosa de los Monteros, Frías, Puentedey, Medina de Pomar, Oña, Orbaneja del Castillo, Poza de la Sal, etc.

Saber más

The necropolis of San Felices

Necropolis, hermitages and salt mines
The necropolis of San Felices, the Hermitage of San Pedro, the Cave of the Portuguese or the Salt mines of Añana; awarded the Europa Nostra prize.

More - And more


· Bilbao: · The Guggenheim Museum, the Alhóndiga Centre, the seven streets. 
More - And more
· Santander: The Botín Center, Magdalena Palace, the Caves and Altamira Museum.
More -  And more
· Burgos: The Museum of human evolution, Atapuerca, the Cathedral and historic centre.
More -  And more -  And more

And if you still have time …

Or even if you don’t, you can still do activities like:

Roast lamb

Discover our gastronomy
While visiting all these places, you can enjoy the rich and varied cuisine of the Merindades: magnificent meats, typical blood sausages, dairy products, very rich varieties of wild mushrooms or delicious honey are just a few examples of this.


Cueva Palomera

Other activities
· Visit to the caves of Ojo Guareña - More 
· Horse trails - More
· Mycological routes - More
· Visits to the Cabárceno Zoological Nature Park - More
· Balloon trips - More
· Ski - More
· Multi-adventure - More - And more


You can find us at:
C/ Villabáscones, s/n
Villabáscones de Sotoscueva
09568 - Burgos

43º 03' 5.16'' N
 3º 40' 16.7'' W
(43.0514328, - 3.6713058)


High season (HS)
June, July, August, September, Easter, Christmas and long weekends. 

Low season (LS):
The rest of the year

Advance payment
50% when booking

  100% refund of the advance payment if the cancellation is made within 15 days of arrival

Minimum reservation
4 nights in July, August, at Easter and Christmas
3 nights during long weekends
2 nights during the rest of the year

Check in and check out
Check in: 16:00h
Check out: 12:00h

Prices with VAT included
For other options, contact us.

(2 nights)

HS: 240 €
LS: 200 €

(6 nights)

HS: 680 €
LS: 550 €

Extra night

HS: 120 €
LS: 100 €


10 €
per stay


C/ Villabáscones, s/n
Villabáscones de Sotoscueva
09568 - Burgos


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Agustín Rico Souto
NIF: 50814244E  
C/ Villabáscones s/n
Villabáscones de Sotoscueva
09568 - Burgos

636 468 448

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